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Amlogic S922X and S905X3 Digital Signage Board Comes with HDMI, LVDS, V-by-One, and eDP Video Interf

  • Author:Tomato
  • Source:Tomato
  • Release on:2020-04-29

Amlogic S922X and Amlogic S905X3 Digital Signage Board Comes with HDMI, LVDS, V-by-One, and eDP Video Interfaces

This product is the network Android system motherboard, which is suitable for intelligent display terminal equipment, industrial automation terminal, computer vision/algorithm, 3D experience, game/entertainment equipment, high-performance Face Recognition calculation/storage, AI intelligence with high performance requirements. It can be widely used as the high-end demand intelligent mainboard of finance, advertising, security, transportation, public transportation and other industries.

This product adopts the latest generation of 12 nm ultra-low power AI chip s922x of Amlogic. It is an advanced application processor, integrating a powerful CPU, GPU subsystem, secure 4K video codec engine and first-class HDR image processing. The CPU of S922x main system adopts large and small architecture, which integrates four core arm cortex-a73 CPU cluster and dual core cortex-a53 cluster with unified secondary cache to improve system performance. Each CPU core includes a separate neon SIMD coprocessor to improve the software media processing capacity. Ave-10 can decode 4kx2k resolution video at a speed of 75 frames/second, and has a complete trusted video path (TVP) for security applications, supporting complete formats, including: MVC, MPEG-1/2/4, vc-1/WMV, AVS, AVS +, avs2 realvideo, MJPEG stream, H.264, h265-10, VP9 and JPEG pictures without size restrictions. The independent encoder can encode JPEG or h.265/h.264 format, up to 1080p, 75 frames per second. It supports 4kx2k @ 60fp (3840 * 2160) output of hdmi2.2 interface and 4K point screen of V by one interface. It supports HDCP 2.2, stereo audio DAC, CVBS output, 4-channel Mipi DSI interface, multi TDM, PCM, I2S and SPDIF digital audio I/O interface, 8-Channel far-field PDM digital microphone (dmic) input and DVP camera interface. The product comes with 2x2 WiFi (supporting 2.4G and 5.8G dual frequency) + 4.1 wireless network module, supporting Gigabit Ethernet interface and infrared remote control, keyboard and mouse operation.

Amlogic S922X is a suitable processor for 4K digital signage players.
Now Amlogic S922X and Amlogic S905X3 Digital Signage Board have in stocks.
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Amlogic S922X/S905X3 Digital Signage Board Comes with HDMI, LVDS, V-by-One, and eDP Video Interfaces.