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Cnx-software interview Shenzhen Tomato Technology Co., Ltd
Release on2019-05-24Cnx-software interview Shenzhen Tomato Technology Co., Ltd I’ve been interviewing Jojo Zhou, Sales Manager at Technology, ...Read More
Why most people change their TV box with the Smart TV Box?
Release on2018-09-27Why most people change their TV box with the Smart Box? More now than any other time in recent memory, individuals are bringing ...Read More
Android tv box development process
Release on2018-06-19Android tv box development process TV Box experienced the evolution from digital set-top boxes to Internet smart boxes... ...Read More
Android TV™ Devices
Release on2018-04-28Android TV™ Devices  Android is a version of the operating system designed for digital media players. ...Read More
Can network TV box replace cable TV
Release on2017-11-16Now, TV boxes have powerful functions, just a high-definition player a few years ago, to play all kinds of ...Read More
OEM and ODM of android tv box
Release on2017-10-27OEM and ODM of android tv box Since its establishment to now, Tomato have got lots order box. Because We a professio... ...Read More
Digital Signage System in Android TV Box
Release on2017-07-05Digital signagesystem in android tv box Wehave digital signage apk our to save cost for client who want dosome promotion their ...Read More
Android 6.0 Marshmallow highlights
Release on2017-04-28Android 6.0 Marshmallow highlightsRead More
Regarding Onenuts Nut 1 feature
Release on2017-04-01Regarding Onenuts Nut 1 Feature Nut1 supports 4K Ultimate HD vedio hardware decoding. With pre installed Google Play Store and ...Read More
What is firmware?
Release on2017-04-01What is Firmware? Firmware, many people do not know what that,but anybody far away from it. Firmware a software ...Read More
What is 4K?
Release on2017-03-25What is 4K resolution? 4K TV the screen of physical resolution high TV, able to receive, decode, display corresponding ...Read More
Android TV box make TV are going to the newest face of infotainment
Release on2017-03-22As soon as you buy an Android TV box, you'll wonder how ever lived without one!Some Streaming Media Player china may also provide 3D ...Read More
Smart Android TV box can make your TV like a multi-function computer
Release on2017-03-22Smart Android TV Box Will be the Next Generation of With Multiple Features    A box is almost being ...Read More
Why Android TV box will appear in people's vision, what are the main advantages?
Release on2017-03-20   The 4 Major Advantages of choosing an Android Television Box sole time that you just sit while watching television in ...Read More
Turn Any Television Into a 'Smart TV' With the Android TV Box
Release on2017-03-20   These days of "smart devices," televisions is not left behind, with thanks to the new Android TV box. This box will ...Read More
The new generation of Android TV box
Release on2017-03-20The new generation of Android TV box Onenuts Nut1 Box is arrived in modern Eco-friendly bag appearance with streaming media ...Read More
Android TV Box with Android 6.0, Android TV Box wholesales, Onenuts Nut 1 Blue
Release on2017-03-15Along with TV shows and movies, it will let you play games, similar to PlayStation Amazon Fire do. Android count on Google Play ...Read More
What is significance of Bluetooth in our life
Release on2017-03-13What is significance of Bluetooth in our life a wireless technology standard that allows fixed and mobile devices to exchange ...Read More
Brand new 2017 Onenuts Nut 1
Release on2017-03-11Brand new 2017 Onenuts Nut 1 Nut1featuring a faster processor, heads-up user interface, the latest Android 6.0 TV OS and no... ...Read More
What is an Android TV box?
Release on2017-03-06What is an Android TV box? Android box a multimedia player with Google’s operating system, generally, it used to ...Read More